24-hour turnaround for Green Mountain Food

Posted on 15-May-2019

Pacific Hydraulics perform a complete hydraulic pump replacement within  24-hours to minimise plant disruption at Green Mountain Food.

The Greenmountain Group is Australia’s largest family owned beef and veal production/processing operation.
Situated in Coominya, in the south-east of Queensland, The Greenmountain  Group’s processing facility delivers a quality product into  the domestic and global markets.

Green Mountain Processing had been using a PVH57 Eaton Hydraulic Pump within its meat processing operation since it acquired the processing plant. The pump had seen 2 rebuilds and eventually suffered a major breakdown  due to low oil level and a level switch malfunction.

A Pacific Hydraulics Service Technician attended site to assess the  situation.  Considering the age of the Eaton pump and its suffering of a significant failure, Pacific Hydraulics advised the best course of action was to supply and install a Danfoss Series 45 60cc Hydraulic Pump. The Danfoss replacement unit would provide equivalent shaft, mount and ports,  providing an easy change out. Danfoss’ pump control is exactly the same as the Eaton PVH57 pump model and interacts perfectly with the current  Danfoss PVG32 control valve.

To ensure minimal plant disruption, both the new pump and the Pacific Hydraulics Service Technician were back on site the next morning. The technician performed a complete pump change over and commissioning onsite, getting the associated machinery back up and running in the shortest possible time-frame.

The end result was minimal disruptions and a new Danfoss hydraulic pump which is still operating to maximum efficiency after 4 years of service.

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