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Posted on 21-December-2018

With a wide range of products in their catalogue, Danfoss components are a crucial part of many machines used in the vitally important agricultural sector across Australia.

With crop growing regions having a wide geographical spread, many of Australia’s bigger producers are located in remote locations, making access to repairs and maintenance services difficult yet still critical.

Should a piece of equipment breakdown, crucial harvesting and production time is lost, which is why having reliable parts, as well as access to emergency repairs and maintenance is essential to keep this vital part of the Australian economy moving.

In 2016-17, the agriculture sector grew the fastest of all 19 industries by a formidable 23%, which was particularly driven by the grains and livestock industries but bolstered by other strong-performing industries within the agriculture sector[1].

The Australian agriculture industry, for 2017/18 financial year, is again looking to be promising. The Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) is predicting a rise in the gross value of farm production by an impressive 17.3%, which roughly translates into a record high of approximately $63.8 billion in value[2].

Danfoss in remote locations

To maintain the growth within the sector, farms across Australia are pushing their farm equipment, with more being used to help with harvests, processing and production, not to mention transportation, in order to keep up with demand.  One of the biggest concerns when farming in a remote location is access to repair facilities should a machine fail.

Even when a piece of machinery has been maintained properly, there is a chance it will breakdown, especially if quality components have not been used, which can mean the difference between a great year and a devastating one, as the closer it gets to the rainy season, the greater chance of the crop being destroyed.

Not only does this directly affect the farmer financially, but also has an impact on export numbers for Australia.

Danfoss and Pacific Hydraulics

In 2016/17 the agriculture sector contributed over $50 billion in exports, which attributed to just under 14% of Australia’s total goods and services exports, which is up from $41 billion five years prior[1]. The Australian agriculture sector is a major contributor to our country’s growing economy, and therefore all efforts should be made to ensure crucial machinery is running as efficiently as possible, with little to no downtime.

Danfoss Hydraulic Power Solutions is a global manufacturer, and supplier, of high-quality hydraulic solutions that excel in the challenging conditions of Australian agriculture production, meaning less down-time during busy periods.

With Pacific Hydraulics’ skills and expertise at repairing, replacing, maintaining and servicing Danfoss systems, no matter where you are located, Pacific Hydraulics is able to assist in the reduction of costly downtime in the production process, either via an onsite visit or by having parts shipped to one of their Authorised Danfoss Service Centres for repair.

The Danfoss Specialists – We Have You Covered

Pacific Hydraulics is proud to be Australia’s No. 1 Danfoss service and supply centre. Our premier status extends to servicing and repairs on all Danfoss hydraulic components, ensuring that components are repaired to Danfoss’ stringent quality standards and procedures. This helps to keep your Danfoss hydraulic components performing at their peak for longer, so that you can continue to benefit from their exceptional performance and reliability.

Pacific Hydraulics has workshops and offices in six locations around Australia, and a highly skilled team of mobile service technicians with the expertise to conduct on-site repairs on Danfoss equipment across Australia’s vast landscape.





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