Danfoss – Driving the machines behind Australia’s booming infrastructure pipeline

Posted on 21-January-2019

Infrastructure is driving Australia but what drives the machinery responsible for the hard yards

Like any growing country with an increasing population, Australia is a country on the move. National rail projects, road projects, new marine ports and a new airport for Western Sydney are just some of the infrastructure currently being delivered. Infrastructure, as it was designed and built some 30 years ago, is outdated and inefficient at supporting today’s population. The only option available to a responsible government is to invest in infrastructure now to support current residents, particularly in and around capital cities, as well as future population growth.

The Australian Government has committed more than $75 billion over the next ten years to transport infrastructure alone across Australia[1]. This investment is aimed to assist in the building of more liveable cities, enabling better-connected regional communities, as well as driving key productivity improvements and creating safer roads.

Danfoss ability in large infrastructure Projects

Danfoss and Pacific Hydraulics are here to drive the pumps and motor that drive the machines to drive Australia’s infrastructure boom. Danfoss products are all about making machines more efficient and increasing productivity wherever possible, which is exactly what is needed for the booming Australian infrastructure sector.

A government-funded infrastructure project is always closely scrutinised in regard to budgets and timings, considering it is public money being used. One of the bigger problems that plague large-scale project is delays. That is why it is important to not only have a reputable infrastructure service provider driving the project but also good quality machinery and parts that are well maintained and regularly serviced.

Humans and machinery drive any infrastructure project. Keeping essential machinery operational is a simple way to help ensure reduced downtime, and radically blown out timelines.

Danfoss hydrostatic pumps and motors are designed and ideally suited to mobile hydraulic applications, no matter if a small skid-steer loader is being used, or large mining and earth moving equipment. Their compactness and reduced heat load properties means they are specifically designed for maximum efficiency across a diverse range of applications.

Infrastructure Projects Around Australia and Danfoss

Currently, there are 19 projects and 82 initiatives listed as ‘priorities’ within the infrastructure sector around Australia. Projects are potential infrastructure solutions with a complete business case, which has been approved by the Infrastructure Australia Board. While an Initiative is a potential infrastructure solution for which a business case has not yet been completed. With statistics like this, it is easy to see that infrastructure projects across Australia will not be slowing down any time soon.

One project currently underway is the WestConnex motorway, currently under construction in Sydney. Designed to provide 33 kilometres of motorway to link western and south-western Sydney, the project is touted as providing the “missing link” to Sydney motorists. Pacific Hydraulics have provided Danfoss hydraulic units for the tunnelling machines needed to deliver this project and continue to support the project with on-site and in-workshop repairs.

Danfoss and Pacific Hydraulics

When budgets and timings are of the essence, having a quality made product, with the support to back it up, are just as crucial to the success of an infrastructure project as the people driving it. This is why Pacific Hydraulics provides comprehensive technical advice on all Danfoss hydrostatic pumps, motors and equipment, with all branches across Australia equipped to diagnose, test, service and repair all kinds of hydraulic components from all major suppliers.

While proper maintenance and testing of hydraulic systems will minimise the frequency of component failure, there is a chance that a component may still fail, which can bring your operation to a sudden halt. With their modern and fully equipped fleet of service vehicles, and highly skilled Danfoss trained technicians, Pacific Hydraulics can come to you in an emergency situation or quickly transport and repair components in one of their 6 workshops across Australia.

[1] https://investment.infrastructure.gov.au/


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