Danfoss Announces Acquisition of White Drive Products

Posted on 13-June-2016

The Danfoss Group has recently announced its intent to acquire White Drive Products, Inc. Known for their range of quality hydraulic motors and based in the US state of Kentucky, White Drive Products has a long history in the hydraulics industry and has manufacturing facilities in North America and China.

This move solidifies each company’s position in the American hydraulic motor market, and will lead to synergies in R&D and numerous other efficiencies, strengthening both company’s marketing competitiveness, and represents a continued commitment by Danfoss Group to lead the market through innovation and quality in the hydraulics industry word-wide.

The acquisitions is still subject to approval by relevant regulatory bodies, but is expected to go ahead in the latter half of 2016. You can read the full article from the official Danfoss website here or download as a .pdf file here

Danfoss Power Solutions Website

White Drive Products Website


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