Servicing Danfoss Hydrostatic Pumps In The Most Remote Australian Mine Sites

Posted on 19-February-2018

Mining Industry

Strengthening global economic growth, as well as higher commodity prices, are underwriting new investment in mining expenditure. Mining exploration, production, and maintenance are all expected to lift significantly through 2018.

BIS Oxford Economics expects growth of 5.5% in 2017-18. Comparatively, mining production only grew 2.5% last financial year.[1]

The mining and minerals industry across Australia presents some of the most challenging environments for production. Mine sites, mineral processing facilities and port facilities are large scale and set up in remote locations.

It is these challenges that have driven the Australian mining industry to become one of the world leaders in terms of innovation and automation.

Danfoss Pumps

Danfoss hydrostatic pumps and motors are well tested and proven in the Australian mining industry. They are robust and durable components that keep mining vehicles operating.

Whether they are utilised on mining vehicles that never take a break, or three storey rigs that run every day in searing temperatures, every piece of Danfoss equipment is optimised for demanding applications in the Australian mining industry.

Maintenance activity is set to be the biggest winner in the next wave of mining growth.[2] Maintenance has taken the brunt of cost-cutting efforts in recent years with commodity prices forcing miners to slash outflows. This has led to a backlog of maintenance which now need to be addressed.

Pacific Hydraulics has seen the uplift in maintenance through the increased provision of ongoing maintenance in for example gas production hydraulic dewatering equipment and complete rig hydraulics overhaul.

The best outcome from regular hydraulic maintenance is prevention. Condition Monitoring of hydraulic components in situ and/or qualified scheduled change out of hydraulic components while keeping contaminants out of hydraulic systems will avoid nearly all common problems and failures.

The components of hydraulic systems work together meticulously. As a result, damage to one component may cause further damage to others.

As a specialist in the hydraulics industry, no company is as experienced nor as well positioned for critical repair work in one of our well-equipped workshops or onsite.

Pacific Hydraulics has service centres located across Australia, with mobile teams of service technicians able to work onsite to ensure ongoing maintenance schedules as well as emergency repair or rebuilds.

No 1 for Danfoss Service and Support

As Australia’s No. 1 Danfoss service and supply centre, Pacific Hydraulics has a highly skilled team of mobile service technicians with the expertise to conduct repairs on Danfoss equipment in our well-equipped workshops or come to you to do on-site repairs. Our experienced technicians are experts in the overhaul of Danfoss hydraulic components and systems for all major mining hydraulic equipment.

Call us on 1800 786 511 for all your Danfoss service and supply enquiries.


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