Spotlight on the Danfoss D1 Pump

Posted on 28-August-2018

Pacific Hydraulics is pleased to introduce the all new generation of Danfoss servo-controlled high power open circuit pumps, the D1 pump range. A high performance variable axial piston pump, the Danfoss D1 pump is ideal for open circuit hydraulic systems used in heavy duty applications.

Designed for quality and reliability, the Danfoss D1 pump range offers a wide variety of control options, greater total efficiency, and easy installation. This open circuit pump range now enables us to offer you higher pressure and higher displacement Danfoss products.

Features of the Danfoss D1P

    • Four displacements available – 130cc, 145cc, 193cc and 260cc
    • Seven control types: Mechanical power control + Pressure compensated control + Electric displacement control
      • Mechanical power control + Pressure compensated control + Load sensing control
      • Electric power control + Load sensing control
      • Pressure compensated control + Load sensing control
      • Pressure compensated control
      • Mechanical power control + pressure compensated control + Hydraulic displacement control
      • Electric displacement control + Load sensing control
      • Output pressure up to 350bar [5000psi] continuously, Peak pressure 400bar [5800psi]
      • An integral charge pump allows the D1P to run at speeds up to 2500rpm and achieve good cold start performance
      • Full through drive capabilities
      • The spherical valve plate and cylinder block surface provide stable cylinder block rotation, thus achieve high efficiency
      • PLUS+1 compliant control. This allows you to rapidly develop and customise electronic machine control, allowing for more opportunities to combine machine controls and diagnostics in an integrated operating network.
      • Optimized cradle bearing improves pump service life.

    Ideal for heavy duty industry applications

    The Danfoss D1P is suitable for heavy duty industry applications as it’s able to withstand the sheer physicality and harshness of these operating conditions.

    Machinery for the shipping, forestry, or concrete industries work in tough conditions, which requires reliable, robust and efficient hydraulic systems. Mining, drilling and off-shore have their own unique set of requirements specifically around the conditions they face, however reliability and efficiency still play a major part in machinery procurement.

    The Danfoss Specialists

    Pacific Hydraulics is proud to be Australia’s No. 1 Danfoss service and supply centre. As the No. 1 stocking distributor, we are able to supply Danfoss’ industry leading hydraulic components at the most competitive prices.

    Our premier status extends to servicing and repairs on all Danfoss hydraulic components, ensuring that Danfoss components are repaired to stringent quality standards and procedures.

    This helps to keep your Danfoss hydraulic components performing at their peak for longer, so that you can continue to benefit from Danfoss’ reputation for performance and reliability.

    Pacific Hydraulics has been providing the highest quality hydraulic products, service and repair to the Australian agricultural sector for over 25 years.

    We are proud to be 100% Australian owned and have a network of branches fully equipped and staffed by our expert technicians to assist you with all your hydraulic needs.

    Talk to Pacific Hydraulics today to discuss your service and repair needs. Call us on 1800 786 511.

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