The Importance of Hydrostatic Expertise

Posted on 29-November-2019

Not all hydraulic repairs are equal. For mobile plant equipment, hydrostatic expertise can help keep your downtime down.

While it is widely accepted that hydraulic components should be maintained and repaired by hydraulic specialists, not all hydraulic repair and service providers are the same.

If you are operating mobile plant equipment in a mining environment, chances are, not only do you need a hydraulics specialists but also a company with hydrostatic expertise. For example, a Schramm drill-rig will generally feature open looped systems in the form of Rexroth A11VLO pumps and closed loop systems, including A4VG’s.

Hydrostatic expertise, in this instance, refers to the ability to test, diagnose and repair closed loop hydraulic systems. Closed loop systems themselves are simple to understand. They are hydraulic systems where hydraulic fluid flows continuously between the hydraulic pump and motor without returning to the reservoir.

While a closed looped system is simple in principle, testing closed loop systems required specialist equipment as well as a skilled technician. Closed loop test rigs should be used for diagnosis and post-repair testing for both closed loop hydraulic pump and motors.

Without this specialist equipment, or a competent technician, accurate testing is not assured. Repairs themselves to a closed loop system require a skilled hydrostatic technician due to the fine tolerances and the complicated construction in piston pump technology.

Pacific Hydraulics has been at the forefront of the Australian hydraulics industry for almost 30 years. They have invested in the area of hydrostatics and have modern hydrostatic testing equipment available across their network of branches.

With extensive hydrostatic expertise and an enviable position as Danfoss’ No1 Service and Supply Partner, they are capable of repairing hydrostatic systems, regardless of brand. With dedicated hydraulic workshops on both sides of the country, they can provide an efficient repair process, regardless of your location, while their large holdings of stocked spare parts ensures minimal downtime to your operation even if components require replacement.

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