The importance of real-time monitoring in material handling

Posted on 14-May-2019

In times past materials handling simply comprised a collection of mechanical and control devices that cause objects to be moved from one place to another within the walls of a manufacturing, warehouse or distribution facility. But today the sector has become much more sophisticated.

Materials handling plays a crucial role in many industries, from logistics to manufacturing, construction and retail. Almost all tangible commerce products are handled with equipment such as cranes, forklifts and carts many of which are powered by hydraulics.

That’s why, at Pacific Hydraulics, we work closely with our key partners like Danfoss to help modernise sectors like materials handling. We put our trust in Danfoss to develop solutions that make bringing the most advanced and productive work machines to market faster, and it starts with Danfoss PLUS+1 software solutions.

Real-time monitoring with Danfoss PLUS+1

At Pacific Hydraulics we offer the full range of Danfoss PLUS+1 intelligent micro-controllers, sensors, displays and integrated components. In simple terms, the Danfoss PLUS+1 range allows for real-time monitoring of system vitals and performance. This leads to a direct increase in controllability, performance and efficiency in mobile hydraulics applications where precision and controlled application of power are key.

Danfoss’ PLUS+1 guide and Service Tool are the foundation of the Plus+1 Platform. Danfoss PLUS+1 Platform compliant products make it simple to integrate input and output devices including sensors, joysticks, controls and displays with pumps, motors and valves. Using a standardised electronic interface Danfoss’ products are engineered to seamlessly integrate and programmable components can be easily optimised.

In short, the Danfoss PLUS+1 controllers are the brains behind intelligent control. The Danfoss PLUS+1 platform delivers the software application development power for important equipment like cranes and doesn’t require specialised programming skills.

The PLUS+1 GUIDE system development environment can dramatically reduce software development time and costs because Danfoss has incorporated years of mobile machine expertise in system development design and testing into a pre-engineered software library and validated software library blocks.

Managing hydraulic maintenance

Regardless of the industry, the best outcome for any machine operator is availability. Real Time Condition monitoring of your Fleet in situ is where the Danfoss PLUS+1 comes into its own.

Pacific Hydraulics has service centres located across Australia, with mobile teams of service technicians able to work onsite to ensure ongoing maintenance schedules are maintained, as well as perform emergency repairs or rebuilds.

For remote locations, the best solution is to transport components directly to one of Pacific Hydraulics’ Danfoss Authorised Service Centres for scheduled maintenance as well as expert diagnostics and repairs.

Established in 1990, Pacific Hydraulics has been providing the highest quality hydraulic products, services and repairs for over 25 years. Headquartered in Sydney and with branches in Queensland and Perth, Pacific Hydraulics is Australia’s leading Danfoss Service and Supply Centre.

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