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Hydraulic Formulas

Need a hydraulic formula? We have listed the most commonly used formulas below, along with a few handy hydraulic conversions.


N = (Pressure (Bar) x Area (mm²))/10

Nm = (Pressure (Bar) x Displacement (cc/rec))/20π

Velocity of Fluid in Pipe
m/sec = (Flow rate (LPM) x 21.22)/D²
* where D = internal pipe diameter in mm

LPM = (Fluid Velocity (m/sec) x Area (mm²) x 60)/1,000

kW = (Flow (LPM) x Pressure (Bar))/600
kW = (2π x Torque (NM) x Speed (RMP))/60,000


1 PSI = 51.7mm Hg (Mercury)
1 ATM = 1 Bar = 14.7 PSI
10 Bar = 1 MPa


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