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    In-House Repairs

    Modern Facilities & Expert Staff

    Pacific Hydraulic branches are well equipped to diagnose, test, service and repair all kinds of hydraulic components, from all major hydraulic brands. Our experienced technicians are highly qualified to diagnose and repair components, and our workshop facilities means that repairs are carried out in the shortest possible time.

    Pacific Hydraulics In-house Service and Repair Capabilities Include:

    • Open and Closed-loop Testing of Pumps and Motors
    • Non-Destructive Testing of Hydraulic Components
    • Cylinder Stripping and Cleaning
    • Testing of Manual, Electric and Hydraulic Controls and Valves
    • Machining and Fabrication Facilities
    • Dedicated Clean Room Facilities
    • Strict Quality Control Procedures

    The Mobile and Hydrostatic Experts

    Our expertise in all areas of hydrostatic and mobile hydraulics extends to our in-house capabilities, with specialised equipment and dedicated test rigs for the service and repair of hydrostatic and mobile hydraulics, as used in applications such as construction machinery, freight, agricultural machinery and off-highway vehicles.

    Customer Service

    Importantly, we know that customer service is a key part of getting the job done right. Call our customer service centre on 1800 786 511 and you will be direct to your closest Pacific Hydraulics branch to assist you.

    We work with you to understand your requirements and working environment to tailor the best service solution for your conditions, to your budget, and within your time-frame.

    You can find your closest Pacific Hydraulics branch by calling 1800 786 511, or browse our list of branches across Australia here.

    Dedicated to Quality

    We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and this dedication to quality hydraulic service and repairs extends to using genuine spares and parts from the industry’s leading brands. This not only ensures that your equipment continue to operate at its best performance, but also prolongs component lifespan, and minimise cost of ownership.

    Our range of capabilities mean that our customers can rest assured that we can diagnose and repair any troublesome component in-house, without lengthy waits and additional costs from third parties or subcontractors.

    To learn more about the specific capabilities of your nearest branch, click here.

    To learn more about our excellent in-house testing capabilities, click here.