Danfoss Hydraulic Pump S45


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Hydraulic pumps from industry leading brand Danfoss and more

Pacific Hydraulics stocks and supplies hydraulic pumps from industry leading brands such as Danfoss and others, offering an excellent range of hydraulic pumps for just about any requirement.

Types of hydraulic pump include axial piston pumps, vane pumps, gear pumps, bent axis pumps and more, for light to heavy duty applications, in either fixed or variable displacement.

As Australia’s leader in hydrostatic and mobile hydraulic component supply, we stock and supply a range of the excellent hydrostatic pumps from Danfoss, such as the 45 Series and H1 family of hydrostatic pumps. If you are looking for a hydraulic pump for a mobile application, visit our Hydrostatics product page for more on our offering of hydrostatic pumps and motors.

Danfoss pumps will deliver your transmission the strength it needs with the low emissions that meet global sustainability standards. Designed for intelligent vehicle management systems, the Danfoss range of pumps aim to reduce fuel consumption whilst providing operator comfort.

The Danfoss motors we distribute include:

  • Open Loop Piston Pumps

     -Series 45 25-147cc
Series 45 offers a full line of displacements and controls that have been designed to fi t your multiple application needs. Our Series 45 pumps provide a range of options, confi gurations and controls to help improve machine efficiency, power and performance.

     -L Series 15,38cc
Achieve precise control with Danfoss L series pumps. The L Series pumps are variable displacement axial piston pumps suitable for mobile and industrial applications. The pumps offer multiple control options and are available in two versions: “Quiet” (Mobile) and “Super Quiet” (Industrial).

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