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    Preventative Maintenance

    Prevention is Better Than Repair

    Pacific Hydraulics offers our customers peace of mind through our preventative maintenance programs. Our service technicians regularly perform maintenance on your plant equipment or service your hydraulic components to keep your equipment running at peak performance, with minimal interruptions to your business.

    At Pacific Hydraulics we believe that the aim of preventative maintenance is not just to avoid costly downtime and lost production from a system failure. The main benefit of preventative maintenance is to keep your hydraulic system working at optimum performance for longer, improving the productivity of your hydraulic equipment, and your business.

    Our preventative maintenance programs are tailored to each customer’s requirements, and can include:

    • Oil Testing, Changing and Flushing
    • System Pressure, Temperature and Load Testing
    • Hydraulic Hose and Fitting Inspection and Replacement
    • Inspecting and Replacing Filters and Seals
    • All-round Hydraulic System Health Checks

    Programs For All Business Sizes

    For mobile hydraulic applications such as construction or off-highway vehicles, a single machine out of action can often mean the entire worksite comes to a standstill. Pacific Hydraulics’ preventative maintenance programs can help ensure the longevity and continued performance of all hydraulic systems in your operation, at any size, from your single skid steer loader, to your fleet of earthmovers.

    Call 1800 786 511 to talk to our friendly customer service team and learn more about how a Pacific Hydraulics preventative maintenance program could benefit your business.