Danfoss and Pacific Hydraulics – A strong 20-year plus partnership in Australia

Posted on 6-March-2019

Geographically, Australia is a long way from Denmark, where Danfoss, originally was founded and gained strength as an engineering powerhouse of the 20th and now 21st Century. In fact, they are some 15,563 kilometres apart.

During the 1930s, Danfoss saw the opportunity to become a global organisation and knew, that to expand their global presence, they would need to leverage off strategic partnerships with strong local businesses.

This philosophy of channel partner over supplier still exists today.

Danfoss and Pacific Hydraulics in Australia

While Pacific Hydraulics is a much younger company than Danfoss, established in 1990, the Australian company has grown and expanded over the years to offer hydraulic products and services to customers across the country, from Brisbane to Perth.

A little over 20 years ago, a company by the name of Sauer Sundstrand recognised Pacific Hydraulics’ expertise in the hydraulics market and, as a result, a partnership was formed. Today, after a few mergers combining Daiken-Sauer-Danfoss, Danfoss and Pacific Hydraulics service major Australian sectors including agriculture, mining and resources, infrastructure and marine services. 

Danfoss & Pacific Hydraulics in the Australian Mining sector

The Australian mining industry experienced a remarkable revival over the 2000s. After starting the decade with prices at their lowest for key resource exports, the rapid urbanisation and industrialisation of emerging economies in Asia dramatically transformed the global commodity markets. And while the official Australian resources boom is over, mining exploration, production and maintenance are still necessary as resources still accounts for over 50 per cent of Australia’s exports.[1]

The 20 plus years that Danfoss and Pacific Hydraulics have been servicing the Australian mining industry have seen rapid advancements in technology, changing the face of mining. From remote site management to robotics and automation, technology now plays a larger role in mining. But what hasn’t changed is the ever-present need to keep all equipment running, all the time.

Across all industries, there has been a shift from the traditional ‘break and fix’ method to a new uptime world, with emphasis placed on predictive maintenance, remote performance monitoring and more. The ability to gather data from sensor-equipped products in the field is giving manufacturers and service-based industries insights they need to shift into this uptime focus, instead of merely waiting for something to happen.

Danfoss & Pacific Hydraulics supporting Australian Agriculture

Since the late 2000s the value of Australia’s agri-food exports has increased, with the total value of agri-food exports in 2016/17 $49.9billions. [2]

Whether it’s irrigation, harvesting or storage, Danfoss hydraulic components are a crucial part of many machines used in the vitally important agricultural sector across Australia.

Danfoss & Pacific Hydraulics moving Australia

Danfoss and Pacific Hydraulics provide and service many of the pumps and motors that drive the machines that are driving Australia’s infrastructure boom. One such project in NSW is product supply and repair work for WestConnex. Pacific Hydraulics provided precision hydraulic testing for a non-functioning Danfoss 90 series motor used by delivery partner CPB Samsung John Holland in their tunnelling machines. Proving to be uneconomical to repair, Pacific Hydraulics partnered with Danfoss to supply a new unit, tested and ready for the exacting operational specifications required.

Prevention is always better than the cure

Regardless of the industry, the best outcome from regular hydraulic maintenance is prevention. Condition monitoring of hydraulic components in situ and/or qualified scheduled change out of hydraulic components, while keeping contaminants out of hydraulic systems, will avoid nearly all common problems and failures.

Pacific Hydraulics has service centres located across Australia, with mobile teams of service technicians able to work onsite to ensure ongoing maintenance schedules are maintained, as well as perform emergency repairs or rebuilds.

For remote locations, the best solution is to transport components directly to one of Pacific Hydraulics’ Danfoss Authorised Service Centres for scheduled maintenance as well as expert diagnostics and repairs.

The Danfoss specialists – Pacific Hydraulics have you covered

Pacific Hydraulics is proud to be Australia’s No. 1 Danfoss service and supply centre. Our premier status extends to services and repairs on all Danfoss hydraulic components, ensuring that components are repaired to Danfoss’ stringent quality standards and procedures. This helps to keep your Danfoss hydraulic components performing at their peak for longer, so that you can continue to benefit from their exceptional performance and reliability.

Pacific Hydraulics has workshops and offices in six locations around Australia, and a highly skilled team of mobile service technicians with the expertise to conduct on-site repairs on Danfoss equipment across Australia’s vast landscape.


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